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Albert Churella

Albert Churella

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Dr. Churella's publications include From Steam to Diesel: Managerial Customs and Organizational Capabilities in the Twentieth-Century American Locomotive Industry (Princeton 1998) and The Pennsylvania Railroad: Volume 1, Building an Empire, 1846–1917 (Philadelphia 2013), as well as articles in the Business History Review and Enterprise & Society.  Dr. Churella is currently working on the second and final volume of the complete history of the Pennsylvania Railroad, between 1881 and 1901 the world's largest private corporation.  He has also authored more than fifty articles, book reviews, and encyclopedia entries.

Now available from the University of Pennsylvania Press:

The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1: Building an Empire, 1846-1917

"Albert J. Churella's masterful account, certain to become the authoritative history of the Pennsylvania Railroad, illuminates broad themes in American history, from the development of managerial practices and labor relations to the relationship between business and government to advances in technology and transportation."

From the University of Pennsylvania Press website