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David Gross

Welcome!  I am an adjunct professor teaching courses in systems engineering, industrial engineering technology, and software engineering.

For a summary of my degrees, courses, and research, see the navigation page to the left.

My "day" job is as the Deputy Chief Engineer for Lockheed Martin's aeronautics simulation and system integration labs.  I am a Fellow of the Lockheed Martin company.  Prior to starting with Lockheed in 2009, I worked for 24 years at the Boeing Company, where I was also recognized as a Fellow.

Here's a summary of my professional experience:

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, October 2009 to present.

Simulation & Systems Integration Laboratories

Deputy Chief Engineer

  • Support the Lab Chief Engineer for all LM Aero products including F-16, F-22, F-35, C-130, and C-5.
  • Provides vision & direction for all lab engineering certification and training including leverage of university-based education.
  • Provides vision & direction for all lab processes.
  • Provides vision & direction for World Class Modeling & Simulation internal research initiative.
  • Participate in Lockheed Martin Technology Focus groups for related technologies such as simulation and model based design.
  • Contribute to industry wide Modeling & Simulation Body of Knowledge and Modeling & Simulation Professional Certification programs.

Southern Polytechnic State University, 2010 to present

  • Adjunct Professor for graduate courses in systems engineering and computer science

Georgia Tech, 2011 to present

  • Lecturer for continuing education courses in systems engineering and computer science

UA Huntsville, 2002 to present.

  • Continuing Education Program (in-person and distance learning modes)
  • Member of the M&S Certificate Programs Advisory Board.
  • Developed Certificate Program Structure and Course Content.
  • Instructor for Modeling & Simulation Fundamentals and Simulation Development.

The Boeing Company, March 1985 to October 2009.

  • Patent: A means for successfully evoking perceptions of certain affordances in virtual (or unreal) environments.
  • Patent Pending: A Design-less Process for Exercising Models and Simulations.

Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, & Experimentation

Chief Technologist for Experimentation

  • Defined experimentation processes and tool suite for all Boeing Integrated Defense Systems.
  • Led modeling and simulation training for all Boeing Integrated Defense Systems.
  • Opened new company site in Suffolk, VA.
  • Formulated simulation-based experiments for advanced produce development in partnership with customers, suppliers, and other vendors.
  • Guided development and deployment of simulation technologies including virtual reality.
  • Advised and funded modeling & simulation course development at Old Dominion University and UA Huntsville

Corporate Engineering Training Instructor

  • Developed and taught education and training courses on software development metrics, quantitative management, and trade studies.

Modeling & Simulation Technology(1993-2008)

  • Human-Computer Interfaces
  • Dissertation: Affordances in the Design of Virtual Environments.
  • Formulated and led cooperate research and development project with Boeing and the Naval Airfare Center Training Systems Division regarding human computer interfaces in virtual environments
  • Developed mathematical framework describing simulation fidelity adopted by the Simulation Interoperability and Standards Organization (SISO).
  • Conceived, proposed, won, and led research program to develop a method for analyzing the capability of systems via genetic algorithms.
  • Program Chair: Foundations 04 Simulation Verification, Validation, and Accreditation Workshop.
  • Processes
  • Key technical author of Integrated Defense System processes for System Engineering Modeling and Simulation.
  • Led the Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, and Experimentation organizations contributions to Functional Integration-X.
  • Proposed, won, and executed five Contracted Research Development contracts for the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) to develop processes and guidance for simulation verification, validation, and accreditation.
  • Developed Boeing standard requirements for simulation verification, validation, and accreditation.
  • Developed guidance published in Department of Defense Instructions and Recommended Practices Guides.
  • Developed lightweight (low overhead) CMMI level 3 compliant simulation development processes adopted by Boeing.
  • Developed domain and application engineering processes for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems (STARS) project.

Program Consultation

  • Set simulation standards for Secure Border Initiative Network.
  • Led Ground-based Midcourse Defense Simulation Verification and Validation effort.
  • Conducted performance audits leading to adopted recommendations for various National Missile Defense simulation programs.
  • Industry Standardization for Simulation
  • Led the SISO Simulation Fidelity Implementation Study Groups for involving more than 150 simulation professionals leading to refinement of DoDs simulation lexicon.
  • Elected multiples times to SISO Planning and Review Panels organizing workshops.
  • Co-authored the DoD Verification, Validation, and Accreditation Recommended Practices Guide.
  • Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems (STARS) Project
  • Performed domain engineering for Air Vehicle Training Systems Domain.
  • Defined organizational and technical processes, wrote management plans.
  • Constructed prototype simulators including X-based graphical user interfaces.
  • Developed system validation tools and validated simulations.
  • Trained and led simulator systems professionals on joint contractor team.

Advanced Projects (Classified Programs) (1989- 1993)

System Simulation:

  • Designed and developed high fidelity engagement simulations.
  • Researched software engineering techniques, such as object oriented approaches.
  • Prepared solicited, unsolicited proposals, and position papers.
  • Analyzed battle scenarios with deterministic and stochastic simulations.
  • Researched computer-based computation approaches to reverse engineering.
  • Gathered and analyzed system performance data with computer instrumentation.
  • Completed system analysis that drove system hardware requirements.

System Replicators:

  • Continued development of software engineering methodology.
  • Constructed system control and user interface software.
  • Negotiated tailoring of military standards such as DOD-STD-2167A.
  • Defined and documented system and software requirements.
  • Created modular approach with swappable hardware/software components.

Simulation & Training Systems (1985-1989)

  • Advanced Distributed Simulator Program:
  • Modified Modular Simulator approach for low cost solutions.
  • Completed preliminary design on weapons, threats, and environment domain.
  • Defined software engineering environment for program.
  • Worked on continuous quality improvement team for software development.

Modular Simulation System Program:

  • Created computer-aided software engineering tool for Ada types.
  • Built automated test tool for distributed environment.
  • Performed trade study of design alternatives.

B-1B Weapon System Trainer Program:

  • Integrated Flight and Aft Station hardware and software.
  • Led and performed final design, integration, and test of radar simulation.
  • Modeled threat and environment simulations.
  • Modeled aircraft systems simulation.
  • Modeled response of integrated avionics.

Space Station Freedom: developed embedded computer executive

Auburn University Computer Engineering Department, September 1984 to March 1985; Pascal Lab Instructor and Simulation Programmer.

Alabama Electric Cooperative, Summers 1983 and 1984; Systems and Database Programmer.