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Peter Sakaris

Dr. Peter C. Sakaris is an Associate Professor of Biology.  Dr. Sakaris teaches introductory and upper level biology courses including Biological Principles II, Ecology, Zoology, Freshwater Biology, Ichthyology, and Biostatistics.  He also mentors students in directed research and research through the University's Honors Program.  His research interests include studies of  fish population dynamics, species interactions, population and community ecology in urban streams and rivers, invasive species ecology, and the effects of hydrologic alteration on the dynamics of exploited fish populations in regulated river systems.

DegreesBass from Nickajack Creek

Ph.D. (Fisheries Ecology and Management), School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences, Auburn University, AL

M.S. (Marine-Estuarine-Environmental-Sciences Program), University of Maryland (Eastern Shore), MD

B.S. (Biology), Stony Brook University, NY

Courses Taught

BIOL 2107K - Biological Principles I

BIOL 2108K - Biological Principles II

BIOL 3300K - Ecology

BIOL 4200K - Zoology

BIOL 3500 - Biostatistics

BIOL 3600 - Freshwater Biology

BIOL 3700K - Ichthyology

Current Syllabi (Fall 2013)

BIOL 2108 (Lecture)

BIOL 2108L (Lab)

BIOL 3300K